Taxi Rouge App Development

  • Category :Mobile App Development
  • Date :08 May, 2018
  • Client :RITHY & REIKO Co., Ltd.

Project Brief:

Taxi Rouge is a company which provides taxi service  in Cambodia. Their primary focus is companies. Taxi Rouge works with many companies as a taxi provider to a ride to their employees.


The business runs well but there’re a few vulnerabilities that tackles the pain points and affect the business. 

  1. Customers need to use traditional ways to get a ride from Taxi Rouge which is phone call
  2. Taxi Rouge has no way to track the actual distance for each ride. It leads to problems for both Taxi Rouge itself and customers.
  3. Driver can cheat the price. Example: The actual ride was 5 km but driver only noted it down 3 km for Taxi Rouge and another 2 km with a cheap price from customer and keep in his pocket.
  4. Company is still using hand-written invoice.
We worked with Taxi Rouge to find solutions in order to fix the mentioned problems, also to improve the business’s processes. We developed apps for both customers and taxi rouge’s drivers. Come along with apps, there’s one dashboard system to control everything.
After developing the whole platform, it’s now more conveniences for both Taxi Rouge and customers to get a ride anytime anywhere.
  1. Customers no longer need to make a phone call to get a ride. With a few presses of button, you get a ride.
  2. Each ride will be recorded and calculated with the actual from the app and smart phone. Total distance, total duration, waiting duration, pick up time, drop off time, etc, will be saved into database. Taxi Rouge’s team can review detail for each ride easily in the dashboard.
  3. Drivers are not able to cheat both customers or company. It’s very convenience for both Taxi Rouge and customers.
  4. After the ride is finished, e-invoice will be generated and saved into the system. Taxi Rouge has ability to track both paid and unpaid invoice.

How it works:

Step 01

Login or Signup to the app

Users only need to fill in mandatory information during signup and complete the profile setup later to fasten the process.


Step 02

Tap a button to process booking

Users will be able to see available drivers around them in real-time.

To process the booking, user can start with a tap of button.

Step 03

Set your locations

  • Setup a location where driver can pick you up.
  • Setup a location where driver will drop you off or you can skip drop-off location.

Step 04

Check estimated fare

  • You will get an estimated fare, duration and distance
  • After everything is confirmed, user can proceed booking 

Step 05

Wait for your driver

  • The app will search nearest drivers for you
  • You will be notified when driver accept your request

Step 06

Track your driver in real time

  • You will get notification when driver’s status is updated
  • You can track driver’s location in real-time.