Pepsi Taste Challenge - Apps Development

  • Category :Mobile App Development
  • Date :01 Febraury, 2019

Project Brief:

Pepsi is a well-known company with a positive image. In the beverage industry line, there are many strong competitors. Therefore, they accurately do surveys for understanding the demand of customers to increase the number of customers.


Their target survey is to reach 10K people, so there will be a difficulty to achieve in a short time.

  1. Pepsi requires to spend a high budget on a survey in such human resources and materials.
  2. The company needs more time to do analytical report of survey locations, daily and final report.
  3. Sometimes, the results of the survey could be confused to clarify incorrect.


To solve these issues, we worked with Pepsi to evaluate the apps of the survey. This application offering convenience to both a company and also the customer of Pepsi. There is one dashboard system to control everything when getting along with apps.

Once the app has been released, Pepsi proceeds the tasks terrific.

  1. Both a company and customers spend less time to complete surveys.
  2. A company was still able to survey without Internet network service.
  3. A company could build a good relationship with customers by itself.
  4. A company could record data analysis effectively and efficiently.