Sovannphumi PR Taxi App Development

  • Category :Mobile App Development
  • Date :25 July, 2019

Project Brief:

Sovannphum is a taxi service provider in Cambodia that mainly serves the people to help them with traveling to their destination with reasonable fare.


Many Cambodians struggle to hail a taxi or other transports by considering 

  1. There is only a way to get a ride by making a call or hailing 
  2. No tracking on travel distance and time travel.
  3. No market price causes a bargaining problem of the price for both driver and customer.
  4. Many still believe the transport service is not safe on riding with an unknown person.

Our team worked with Sovannphumi PR Taxi using techniques to provide the best service to customers through designing an app which is convenient for drivers and customers alike to use with a few clicks of a button. 

After developing the whole platform, it’s now more conveniences for both Taxi and customers to get a ride anytime anywhere
  1. The app displays a pickup time and driver’s profile to the customer.
  2. There is a record of distance and fare in each ride in both driver and customer recorded list.
  3. The estimated fare is calculated for a customer that is based on market price.
  4. The driver’s detail is showed in the app for the customer to view the rating and commend of previous customers.


How it works:

Step 01

Login or Signup to the app

Users only need to fill in mandatory information during signup and complete the profile setup later to fasten the process.

Step 02

Choose your vehicles

Users need to select favorite vehicles.

Step 03

Set your locations

  • Setup a location where driver can pick you up
  • Setup a location where driver will drop you off

Step 04

Check estimated fare

  • Users get estimated fare, duration, and distance.
  • They are able to book a taxi.
  • Once they reached destinations, they can pay by cash.