Gourmet Beverage Solution (GBS) App Development

  • Category :Mobile App Development
  • Date :20 December, 2018

Project Brief:

GBS is a company that provides a one-stop destination for a coffee shop owner. To improve the experiences of their loyalty customers, GBS tries to find out the most convenient way for the customers to order.


They  have to deal with a huge group of customers at the same time as they are a big supplier of coffee.

  1. They need to focus and understand each customer very details by themselves.
  2. They can miss some customers that cause to having bad reputations.
  3. Both GBS and their customers have to make a phone call or meetings all times when they got orders.
  4. It takes a long procedure to complete each order.
To address these problems and also to move the development of a company, we help them to build an application that provides the customer of GBS to make an order of coffee products by iOS and Android to manage the orders. Getting move on with apps, there is one dashboard system to manage those things.

GBS could implement the work perfectly after accomplished the whole process.

  1. A company could access to complete orders quickly that keep loyal customers for a long period.
  2. A company was able to handle a lot of orders at the same time.
  3. A company could increase brand awareness unexpectedly.

How it works:

Step 1

Login and signup

Users only need to fill mandatory information during signup.

Step 2

Tab a button to choose your favorite categories

Users need to choose categories and also see a detail information of each product before they make decisions.

Step 3

Select items to process orders

Users need to select items first. Then they will be able to see their review items before they submitted orders.

Step 4

Check bought items today

Users will be able to see what items they bought today within ID orders.

Step 5

Tracking your orders

Users will be able to manage orders and get notifications when products are arrived.